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PagesSelect the number of pages you want built. 23 pages
LayoutsHow many different page styles do you want? 7 layouts
EmailNumber of initial email addresses to be set up. 99 email addresses
OptionsSelect what you want.
SocialIncrease visitor interest with dynamically changing social content
PhotosDisplay photos and images to provide vibrant viewing experience.
Evolution:Dynamic content for evolving sites
ManagementServices for Mazuzu to manage

£ Recurring: £ 15286 10/Y

£ SMP £15286 8492
Permalink Clear

Selected Features

  • 23 pages
  • Optimized for SEO
  • HTML 5 / CSS3
  • Website Stats
  • Full Rights to Source Code
  • Hand Built for Performance
  • 7 layouts
  • Custom Images/Graphics
  • 99 email addresses
  • High Quality, Custom Logo
  • PNG, JPG & PDF Logo Source Files
  • PSD, SVG, EPS Logo Source Files
  • Site-Wide Search
  • RSS / Atom Feed
  • Mobile Optimization
  • CSS3 Media Queries
  • Facebook Feed Integration
  • Twitter Feed Integration
  • Youtube Channel Integration
  • Other Social Integration
  • Custom Photo Gallery
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Photo Gallery Management
  • Flickr Gallery Integration
  • Secure User Login
  • Secure Military-Grade Encryption
  • Secure Credentials Database
  • User Managed Profiles
  • Users Database
  • Product Administration
  • Products Database
  • Content Management System
  • Content Database
  • Secure Donation Processing
  • Hosting Management and Setup
Development Pricing Table
Available optionsStandard
High Quality, Custom Logo£50
HTTP/SFTP File Uploader£50
Site-Wide Search£50
RSS / Atom Feed£50
Mobile Optimization£50
Facebook Feed Integration£20
Twitter Feed Integration£20
Blog Integration£20
Youtube Channel Integration£20
Other Social Integration£20
Custom Photo Gallery£75
Photo Slideshow£75
Photo Gallery Management£75
Flickr Gallery Integration£75
Other Photo Gallery Integration£75
Secure User Login£150
User Managed Profiles£150
Product Administration£150
Content Management System£150
Comments plugin£150
Secure Donation Processing£200
Basic Ecommerce Integration£200
Intermediate Ecommerce Integration£200
Hosting Management and Setup£80
Domain Management and Setup£20
Email Account Management£10